Amica veritas est, sed magis amicus Gimlet est. (Truth is a friend, but Gimlet is a greater friend.)

Getting to Know You

So busy with the start-up of the outdoor tourism season here in Chicago, I have had no time to dedicate to telling the story of the adoption of Little Bepps’ new little brother, Gimlet.  He was adopted in early 2013, after a weeks-long search for a cat who would be 1) fairly passive, 2) affectionate, and 3) playful but not aggressive (and, of course, weeks of wanting to take all the cats I met home with me).  Enter Gimlet (the artist formerly known as “Sanderson”), a petite black and white DSM just a little under a year old.  At Treehouse Animal Shelter in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, where I adopted him, he was incredibly sweet: every time I would come into the room where he was, he wasn’t interested in playing at all.  He just wanted to be by me, and would rub up against me, purring, with his eyes half-closed, just happy to have company.  I took him home, and it was of course a gradual process of familiarizing between him and Little Bepps, but eventually, they turned out to be like two little brothers.  Bepps washes Gimlet, and Gimlet charges him sometimes, but always submits at the last second.  Oh — plus, as Gimlet comes from a hoarding (and thus, inbreeding) situation, his physical frame is very unique:  I don’t think his body will ever get much bigger, and his head is a fairly normal size.  It’s not terribly noticeable, but we did consider renaming him “Lolly,” as in a lollipop head.  “Gimlet” fit as a name, though.  It somehow fits his petite, impish little body and personality.

I can’t upload a video to this blog, so instead, please follow this link to Vimeo to see a video of these two unlikely friends carefully and gradually developing a trusting bond.  Enjoy!