About Beppsimus

023Beppsimus Minimus (i.e., Little Bepps) is a marvelous 3-year-old cat who shouldn’t have survived past infancy.  Attacked by a canis silvāticus (i.e., wild dog) when he was just a kitten, he was found and brought to the sānctī (i.e., saints) at Treehouse Animal Shelter in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, where he was lovingly and carefully nursed back to health.  Called “Sam Bell” at the shelter so as not to offend any of his amīcī fēlīnī (i.e., feline friends) with his latent noble potential, and to be fair to the other adoption candidates who might be overlooked when seen next to a fēlēs nōbilis (i.e., noble cat), he was adopted by Hillary Marzec in January 2011, and had his titles and glōria anterior (i.e., former glory) rightfully restored to him.

Though the battles of life have left him caecus (i.e., blind), he meets each day’s challenges with courage and dignity, and ends each day with the peace and confidence that comes with living a vita virtuōsa (i.e., virtuous life).

This ephēmeris (i.e., blog) is dedicated to him.

Nota bene:  At Bepps’ request, the above Latin terms have been left in the nominative case.  Though noble, he does not wish to flaunt his knowledge of the Latin declensions.


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