Inemus (i.e., We Begin)

Bepps was adopted in January of 2011.  He was young, blind, and seemed to stick to himself when I first met him at the shelter.  He warmed my heart not only with his huge, marble-like eyes, but also with his hoarding habit: I noticed that he would take a toy (once he managed to find one) and carry it over to the corner of the room behind one of several litter boxes, where he would carefully play with it.  Sighted cats could have easily taken his toys away if he were to play with them out in the open, so he adapted.  Now, two years later, I have seen him adapt to many of his life’s circumstances and surroundings.  Case in point: frequently lying down in doorways, so as to be aware of where he is, and to listen to the sounds from adjoining rooms.



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